SEO Web Design

When it comes to web design that works effectively with SEO, we know what it takes.  We’ve seen many web designers that say they offer optimized design when really they’ve given you a site that isn’t ready for optimization at all.  If you have a web designer (or design) that you’re absolutely in love with then typically we can work with them or your current design.  Over the years we have informed many web designers on the most important on-page factors concerning Search Engine Optimization; typically they are very receptive.

Some questions you can ask a web designer are:

  • Do you build in Flash?  – Flash sites are not optimal SEO candidates.  (You wouldn’t build your house on a shoddy foundation would you?)
  • Do you have examples of sites that rank high for competitive keywords?
  • Do you SEO your site designs?  – Get details on what they do.

More often than not, it’s easier to start with a SEO friendly design rather than rework one that’s not.  If you would like to work with a company that has experience in web design that ranks then contact us.