About St. Louis SEO Company

We figured you might want to know a little about us. We enjoy teaching our clients about the latest SEO methods and practices and find it exciting to open client’s eyes about the unlimited possibilities of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Our Story

St. Louis SEO was founded out of a need for high quality Search Engine Optimization services in a time where more “SEO Companies” are outsourcing their entire workload to companies with no understanding of current best practices.  We’ve been actively practicing SEO since learning how to code our first website in HTML and have been studying it ever since. Let’s just say that we subscribe to the need for CE for SEO. The main problem is that most companies have not kept up on the latest methods of optimization. After realizing the interest and need for our services and that many SEO companies are effectively outsourcing work to companies with an SEO playbook from 3 years ago or more, we had to make something happen.

The Founding SEO

St. Louis SEO Founder


Chris is our Director of SEO/Engineer and founder.  He’s a SIU College of Business graduate and a continued student of everything internet marketing.  When he’s not in front of the computer you can catch him at the gym working on his fitness.  He grew up in Illinois and is a fan of all things St. Louis. He’s amazed that to this day he still gets asked where he went to high school.  Interesting note… at one time he lived in Japan and has been told by Japanese restaurant patrons that his chopstick skills are superior to theirs.