Local SEO

Company Announcement: Concerning Community SEO Services

Over the last two years we have been successfully offering “community search engine optimization” to small businesses serving St. Louis, its various communities and cities throughout the country. In consideration of recent shifts in the landscape of our industry we have discontinued our local offerings.

We are extremely happy to recommend our sister local SEO company, Rank Local for all of your local search marketing needs.

Searching for a great local search engine optimization specialist in St. Louis?  The team at St. Louis SEO has the background, experience and talent to optimize your local business to show up in the local maps and search results.  We have taken local businesses from not showing up in the results at all to ranking highly in the “map-pack” on many occasions.  Many local businesses just need a good dose of “Google Maps Optimization” or Google Places Optimization, Google Local or whatever they’re calling it nowadays (analytical attempt at humor on Google’s behalf).

We have developed highly effective, sound local SEO methods all without spamming or using tactics such as title tag keyword stuffing which we loathe.  We are sure to be able to help you as we have ranked many websites for highly searched terms in the local listings.  This option can be especially great for small businesses looking to get more exposure in their local market as many consumers are moving from traditional methods of finding local businesses to using their desktop computer instead.  If this sounds like a service that could help you better tap into your local market then contact us for more information about your options.